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This collection of songs began as an "it's-about-time" project to capture the music the quartet had been performing for the last several years. It is unique to have a consistent band play arrangements conceived especially for the group. There was very little devising of program or overall concept at the one-day recording. During the final mastering stage of the production, a theme emerged: each song became a vignette of a particular scene or mood, or journey – a favorite musical image while performing – purposely cinematic. Of course, "whimsey" often pops up along the way. Hence… "Scenes and Voyages."

“Great... I’ll play it on Jazz After Hours”
- Jim Wilke, PRI

“Very rocking, lots of drums
- my non-jazz students love it!”

- Carolyn Graye, vocalist & socio-musicologist

“Great CD, thanks. It's pretty jazzy, but still sounds good. How did you do that?...Nice trick!”
- Chris Symer, bassist, jazz critic

“High on the rhythmic and melodic slam-o-meter.”
- The Rocket

“His enthusiasm is infectious... very special.”
- Earshot Jazz


1. jungle soul 8:09 (lonnie smith)45
2. midnight voyage 8:25 (joey calderazo)
3. lament 8:30 (j.j. johnson)
4. confirmation 3:30 (charlie parker)
5. blue in green 6:39 (miles davis, bill evans)
6. friday the 13th 8:12 (thelonious monk)
7. blue sushi bossa 7:22 (greg williamson)
8. segment 4:41 (charlie parker)9. snow is falling 4:11 (andrew eshpai)
10. midgets 4:10 (newman)
11. tristeza* 6:37 (lobo, nilthino)
all arrangements by greg williamson

alexey nikolaev • sop & tenor sax
john hansen • piano
jon hamar • bass
greg williamson • drums
*add big bad groove society horns: 
jay thomas, trp; dan marcus, trb






Scenes and Voyages One Sheet