Sound Download Info

Pony Boy song samples are WAVe files (.wav) and are sampled at 11.1 kHz. Hopefully it's a balance between sound quality and download time. Of course that eventually depends on your connection/modem speed. You will soon be seeing MP3 sounds here as well, with CD quality, suitable for framing!

Different computer systems have different sound application software(s) available. Find the one that works best for your machine (Mac, PC, Unix, etc)

Right now Sound Machine has a version for the Mac which is very fancy. Most PC's can play WAVe files as is. You can also configure your Web Browser (Netscape or others) to open all your WAVe files automatically with Sound Machine as a "helper application" under the preferences/options menu. Very deluxe!

If you've got adjustable settings on your sound player set them like this:

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Happy Listening...

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