Jim Cutler
Jazz Orchestra

1 Mack's Place 7:03 (J. Cutler) Listen
2 Milky Way Mambo 5:38 (D. Barry) Listen
3 Alan Weight Speaking 6:49 (J. Cutler) Listen
4 Get in the Game 5:02 (J. Cutler) Listen
5 Encontro das Aguas 6:46 (D. Barry)
6 Dreamcatcher 4:56 (D. Barry)
7 Dear Lord 5:22 (J. Coltrane, arr J. Cutler) Listen
8 In Progress 8:10 (J. Cutler) Listen
9 Autumn Mist 6:55 (J. Cutler)
10 The Checkered Demon 5:50 (D. Barry)
11 May Day 6:55 (D. Barry)
12 View From The Top 4:17 (D. Barry)
13 Twilight Dawned 2:12 (J. Cutler) Listen

In Progress is the debut CD of the Jim Cutler Jazz Orchestra, and features original compositions and arrangements by Jim and fellow band member composer Daniel Barry. The ensemble was formed in January of 2004, becoming the house band for Tula's and performing nearly every Sunday night since.

"The Jim Cutler Jazz Orchestra has developed into a solid ensemble... Cutler's music is confident, swinging and exuberant and extends the modern tradition. Daniel Barry's Music is like a visit to a South American carnival... It all comes together here."
- Jim Wilke,
Jazz After Hours, PRI and Jazz Northwest, KPLU

"...a strong collection of original material"- Tacoma Weekly

“the impact of listening to the album for the first time was dramatic...outstanding. A wonderful recording. I do hope that you get the support you and the excellent personnel deserve.“
- John Killoch, Mainly Big Bands, UK

"This three-year-old ensemble shows Stan Kenton muscle, straight tastes..." - Downbeat, December 2006

“Placing 'In Progress' on one’s list of the best big band albums of the year is a no-brainer.”- Jack Bauer, All About Jazz

"Execution and solos are first rate. Cutler and Daniel Barry write beautifully." - Doug Ramsey, Rifftide

Steve Treseler (Lead Alto), Vanessa Sielert(Alto), Jim Cutler (Tenor), Richard Cole (Tenor), James DeJoie (Bari)

Dennis Haldane (Lead), Mike Mines, Alan Keith, Daniel Barry

Chris Amemiya (Lead), Steve Kirk, Chuck Weise, Nelson Bell

Steve Rice (Piano), Philip Demaree (Bass), Greg Williamson (Drums), Chris Monroe (Drums), Scott Ketron (Drums)

Additional Musicians
Lisa Gordanier (Alto Sax), Chris Fagan (Alto Sax), Paul Gillespie (Tenor Sax), Peter Greene (Trumpet), Emily Asher (Trombone), Brian Kinsella (Piano), Susan Pascal (Vibraphone & Marimba)

more info at www.jcutler.com


Jim Cutler


1. Second and Blanchard (J. Cutler)
2. For Real (J. Cutler)
3. Another New Beginning (J. Cutler)
4. Last Boat to Freedom (B. Olendorf)
5. The Schweetie (P. Demaree)
6. Norma Jeanne (J. Cutler)
7. You Go to My Head (J.F. Coots, H. Gillespie)
8. Mookie's Secret Revenge (B. Olendorf)
9. Alan Weight Speaking (J. Cutler)
10. Twilight Dawned (J. Cutler)
11. Thumper (J. Cutler)
12. Get in the Game (J. Cutler)

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jim cutler - saxaphones
brian olendorf - piano
philip demaree - bass
chris monroe - drums

"...one of the sharpest new releases I've heard in quite some time."
- Christopher DeLaurenti, The Stranger

"...For Real is straight down the middle of the fairway."
- Michael P. Gladstone , All About Jazz

"A strong, competent group... A good, solid Jazz CD."
- Ferdinand Maylin, Jazz Now

"...a group that takes interest in a great variety of music and that is technically accomplished enough to perform whatever they wish."
- Don Williamson, JazzReview.com


For Real continues the mix of styles and original music that has become the signature of the Jim Cutler Quartet. Most of the music featured on the CD consists of original compositions by Jim, with contributions by pianist Brian Olendorf and bassist Philip Demaree.

Since 2000, Jim Cutler (saxophones), Brian Olendorf (piano), Philip Demaree (bass), and Chris Monroe (drums) have focused their efforts to produce their own brand of straight-ahead, mainstream, yet original jazz. For this project Jim has partnered with Greg Williamson of Seattle's Pony Boy Records, marking the group's first release on that Northwest label. The result is another driving, refreshing album that doesn't miss a beat from start to finish.

The CD features eleven original compositions; eight written by Jim, one written by Phil and two from Brian. A wide variety of styles are covered. The CD opens with "Second and Blanchard," which starts with an afro-cuban groove, and quickly transitions to hard-driving, hard-bop swing. The title track, "For Real," is based on the changes of Cole Porter's "What is This Thing Called Love," and almost jumps off the disc!

"Last Boat to Freedom," written by Brian Olendorf, features Jim on soprano sax, and sets a tone that catches your attention. Brian's other contribution "Mookie's Secret Revenge" is a fun, funky change of pace with driven solos from everyone. Philip Demaree's "The Schweetie" is a nice, subtle change of pace - a medium jazz waltz with a melody worth remembering.

Jim's eight new pieces coupled with Brian's and Phil's music, plus the great standard "You Go to My Head," creates a CD that offers great pacing from start to finish - an original, enjoyable journey.



Catch the Jim Cutler Jazz Orchestra Sundays at
Tulas Restaurant in Seattle.

More info and live calendar at www.jcutler.com



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